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27/07/2006 Gosstroi Russia chose the site of International Building Exhibition of 2006 and the Exhibition «Building Technology and Engineering systems» for the development of information exchange between participants of Russian market of building services within the framework of the national project «Affordable and Comfortable Housing for Citizens of Russia»

25/10/2005 International Exhibition Agency IFA presents to your attention the International Building Exhibition 2006 Autumn

20/09/2005 Exhibition BTE Moscow 2005, completed its work

20/08/2005 Useful information!

15/08/2005 Press release, "Autumn in the UK construction exhibition" Olympic "

26/07/2005 Attention! Organizing Committee together with Russian Hotel Association brings together representatives of hotels

14/07/2005 Association of energy-efficient windows (APROK) will hold a seminar on the theme - «Smart windows» for modern buildings »

30/06/2005 About his participation in the exhibition said «Krukovskiy Fan Works»

28/04/2005 Changing the timing of the exhibition

17/02/2005 Attached please! The webpage of exhibitions BTE Moscow was upgraded.

16/02/2005 Attention! Updated site BTE Moscow

25/01/2005 BAU-Trade, the exhibition will present the BTE Moscow 2005

21/12/2004 Attention! BTE Moscow 2005

22/10/2004 Attention! Update program of seminars

22/10/2004 During the fair BTE Moscow 2004 is a conference

12/07/2004 TVEL-Teploross "at the BTE will present

12/07/2004 Exhibitors BTE, KlimatVentMash TM started in 2004

12/07/2004 JSC "Venting Plant Lissant" at the BTE will present

09/07/2004 Exhibitors BTE Moscow, VEZA company, was awarded

09/07/2004 Exhibitor BTE Moscow, Chelyabinsk plant facade and roof, this year

26/05/2004 APROK supported the exhibition «BTE Moscow 2004»

24/05/2004 MONTOS supported the exhibition "BTE Moscow" 2004

01/03/2004 SPSSS supported the exhibition «BTE Moscow 2004»

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